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Aphrodite Tile Backsplash 13St Louis Granite Countertops is a high-end custom stone company that offers decorative wall tile and backsplashes that are simply phenomenal. We make beautiful stone works of granite, marble and many other materials for your bathroom and kitchen in almost any color and design that you want.

We specialize in custom works created by skilled craftsmen that are top of the line and have nearly flawless detail. Our marble and granite pieces truly are works of art designed to complement your bathroom beautifully, no matter how big or small your bathroom actually is.

Our backsplashes custom created for your kitchen  are not only beautiful and created perfectly for the space and size that is available already; they are durable as well. The backsplashes created are durable, and will withstand regular use for years, so you will get the most for the money that you put into them.

We also design, fabricate and install backsplashes to go with sinks and countertops that are created to make the space completely flawless. We can surround your bathroom with these to make a great, complete look all around that you will love.

Our design specialists will meet with you when you call and give you a complete personal consultation for the best materials and designs for your bathroom. We will take note of what you want in your bathroom or your kitchen. And we will back up this great customer service with flawless fabrication and professional installation for a beautiful look that you will love.

We serve St. Louis and many surrounding cities, so if you live in this area, call and get a free consultation from St Louis Granite Countertops to transform your bathroom vanity or kitchen countertop or sink into a true work of art that will look incredible.

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