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kitchen countertop st louisAphrodite Granite & Marble is a great company that manufactures custom natural stone kitchen countertops in the St. Louis, MO area. Your kitchen could be picture-perfect with this wonderful company. We have a very skilled staff that can create the perfect kitchen, bathroom and floor for you.

Our skilled craftsmen offer countertops in a variety of different materials. As the name suggests, we offer granite and marble. Marble is the most glamorous of all of the types of materials, and granite is historically popular for how incredibly durable it actually is. But that is not all. We also offer  travertine, quartz, soapstone, onyx, limestone and even lava rock for a really unique look.

The first thing you will get when you call us is a free consultation. We will come to you and look at your counters for measurements. We will also discuss with you what look you want and decide on a plan. You will also learn exactly what will happen during the process of installing  your custom countertops.

After you experience our top of the line customer service, you will see the installation of a stunning product that will leave you breathless. While marble and granite are the most popular, you can imagine a beautiful look with any material that we offer, and we can make it happen for you.

Aphrodite Granite & Marble serves the entire St. Louis area, including many surrounding cities. If you want a new countertop and live in one of these areas, all you have to do is call (636) 243-9136 for a free consultation. You can have a stunning custom countertop that you will love installed by a professional company with top of the line materials.

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