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St Louis Granite Countertops is a top of the line stone fabrication company. We offer custom creation and installation of countertops created from a variety of different materials for St. Louis and many surrounding cities in the area. We make the countertops with durable materials, both natural and synthetic, that produce wonderful countertops done by excellent craftsman for very affordable prices.

Our services are tailored specifically to each and every individual customer. We serve a variety of customers, designers, remodelers, residential and commercial builders, architects, even retail and export consumers have contacted us for fabrication and installation of our countertops.

The process that our craftsmen go through to make sure everything is perfect for you. We give free in-home measurements and consultations before anything else, which includes a thorough discussion of everything that is wanted and everything that be done. We can tear out your old countertop and haul it away.

We can provide great countertops for you with a variety of different materials of natural stone that you will love. Granite and marble are of course offered, but there are others as well. Quartz, limestone, slate and onyx are all common natural stone materials that are used for countertops frequently. We also offer travertine, which is a variant of marble that has a buff color, and soapstone, which is a gray or green stone with a soapy feel that gives it its name.
We serve many different cities in the St. Louis area, including a list of cities around St. Louis in Missouri. If you live in any of these cities, you can call (636) 243-9136 for a free personal consultation and get started with our services. Let us provide you with a great top of the line handcrafted natural stone countertop that you will love.

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