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APHRODITE TILE FLOOR 10St Louis Granite Countertops creates some of the most beautiful natural stone floor tiles in the St. Louis, MO area for all different types of needs in your home or commercial building. Our works are created by expert craftsmen in a variety of different materials.

We offer a variety of different colors and textures of a list of materials for our custom stone flooring, so you have many options to choose from. Granite and marble are commonly popular choices for different reasons, but we offer other materials as well. We offer limestone, slate, onyx, soapstone and a variant of marble called travertine that has a lovely buff color.

The process of installing the floor takes a lot of work, and we will inform you of every step that you will encounter during the initial meeting with you when you make the call to our company. We will also go over with you your desires and what can be done to meet them during this initial free consultation at your home or commercial building. You will receive quotes on your choices from a selection of samples so you can make the best decision possible for your desires as well as your budget.

When the quote is finalized and your decision is made, then we will go over everything that will happen afterward with you. Your custom stone floor will be installed for you. You will love the results.

We serve St. Louis and the surrounding area. If you live in this area and want to replace your floor, call us for a free consultation and get started on getting the floor of your dreams.

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