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Below are a list of the products St Louis Granite Countertops uses on a regular Basis to seal, clean and protect our natural stone projects. All of these treatments can be found and purchased at you closest St Louis Granite Countertops showroom. Ask one of our friendly staff about the proper product to use with your material and how to apply

HMK® S34

Silicone Impregnator

A silicone base impregnator of highest stability against dirt, water, oil, and alkali infiltration. For interior and exterior use on all natural and cast stone and regardless of surface finish. Surface treated with HMK® S34 is 98% vapor permeable, UV resistant, and leaves a natural appearance. Not effective on non-absorbing surfaces.

Apply to chemically clean and dry surface with a roller, a natural bristle brush or the HMK® Z170-171 brushes. One or two even applications, wet on wet are usually sufficient. For more absorbent surfaces additional coats may be required. Allow 5-10 minutes between each application for penetration. Thoroughly remove excess HMK® S34 5-10 minutes after last application with a terry cloth towel by adding more S34 or pure solvent if necessary to facilitate the removal of S34. Allow to cure for at least 24 hours.

HMK® S42

Exterior Color Enhancing Impregnator

HMK® S42 is a new, ready-to-use and solvent-based color- enhancing impregnator, mainly for exterior applications. By reducing water and dirt penetration, regular maintenance is facilitated. Algae, fungus and other problems occurring with exterior installations are reduced. Color enhancement will bring out the grain and structure of the stone. HMK® S42 is especially suited for wall and floor surfaces. Vapor permeation is only slightly diminished.

Apply one saturating coat to a chemically clean and dry surface with a natural bristle brush or the HMK® Z170-171 brushes. For more absorbing surfaces, repeat procedure after 24 hours. On poorly absorbing surfaces, such as polished marble or granite, remove all excess S42 after application in order to prevent it from drying. The hydrophobic, dirt- and grease-repellent effect generates within 24 hours.

HMK® P319

Marble and Granite Polish

A modified silicone wax base conditioner and maintenance cleaner/polish/protector for interior (conditional exterior) use on floors, walls, and stairways for all polished mineral surfaces. HMK® P319 enhances the stone’s color and texture. It further protects against dirt and water infiltration and creates a high luster and slip retardant surface. P319 is also recommended for countertops, shower stalls, fireplaces, etc. It also protects impregnators, sealers, does not smear or scuff, and beautifully maintains brass, bronze, and aluminum.

Apply to either dry or damp surface at full strength or diluted 1:1 with warm water using a white cloth, sponge, or sponge mop and massage gently into the surface. Allow to dry for a few minutes, then buff with a clean cloth or the HMK® Z202 Polishing-Vac or a regular floor machine (175-1500 RPM with white/tan polyester or lambs wool pad). For on-going maintenance, re-apply P319 diluted 1 cup to 1 gallon water periodically as needed. Use HMK® P24 Liquid Stone Soap for daily maintenance and HMK® R55 Intensive Cleaner for periodic thorough cleaning and removal of P319.


3 in 1 Spray Cleaner

HMK® P1 is an effective ready to use product for daily maintenance of kitchen countertops, tables, vanity tops, window sills, etc. Suitable for use on all natural and man-made stones, HMK® P1 is an exceptional product for quick and effortless removal of light dirt and grease, and maintains the natural appearance of surfaces with minimal enrichment of the color and structure of the surface. HMK® P1 has a pleasant fresh fragrance and has been tested and approved for use in food preparation areas. Special ingredients support the protection already provided by the HMK® impregnators S32, S34, and S42. Vapors are non-hazardous.

HMK® R52

Oil and Wax Remover

HMK® R52 is an active cleaning paste/poultice that removes oil, wax and grease stains as well as silicone smears and mineral deposits from all natural and artificial stones, ceramic, porcelain and concrete surfaces. HMK® R52 also removes dirt and stains from tile edges caused by the application of unsuitable silicone sealers and grout or mastic sealers. The poultice penetrates up to 2 cm in depth and is safe for use on polished and fine honed surfaces.

Instructions: Apply R52 onto the surface with a putty knife or spatula and work into the surface with a brush. Thereafter add more HMK® R52 to ensure that there is a layer of at least 5mm of poultice. Once dry brush off the hardened poultice but do not scrape off as this can damage the surface. After removing all the poultice scrub the area with HMK® R55 Intensive Cleaner diluted about 1:20 with clean water, using a scrubbing brush, stiff brush or a white/tan pad. Remove the dirty liquid and rinse the area thoroughly with clean water. For deeply ingrained or tough stains a second or third treatment may be necessary. Drying time: Dependent upon room temperature and ventilation, around 10 to 12 hours. To remove stains from tile edges; thoroughly remove the old grout or mastic sealer and apply HMK® R52 into the fully opened joint and onto the surface as instructed above. After the cleaning process is completed, re-grout to the manufacturers specification.

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